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When a hillbilly has to fight off richies to save his trailer park, he never thought the mob would get involved. After Dale Archdale's trailer park shuts down, he is forced to move in with his ex wife at her free rental house in an upscale community. Dale  manages to catch wind of a Chili Cook-off with enough prize money to save his beloved trailer park. However, he must face his snooty neighbors, an angry mob boss, and  shenanigans from his inbred pack of hillbilly friends and family members  along the way. For a guy who lives beyond his means and thinks he has his shit together, Dale's reality is that he has a lot of issues going on underneath.  It’s Joe Dirt meets Eastbound and Down. 

Director, Writers & Cast

Directed by Tyler Wirtanen

Written by Matthew Warzel & Shane Thompson

Produced by Cleveland Clowns Films, LLC & Vision Breeze Productions

Starring Ron Jeremy, Matthew Warzel, Tori Keaton, Braxton Lathan Williams, Charles Auten, Nichole Amerson, Bryan Cournoyer, Logan Mack, Taran Hall, Angelica Sin, a Rat Pack member's nephew's wife, a Beaver mascot, 3-Legged Dog, Pet Squirrel, 3 rats, lots of boobies and a nutsack. Literally.

About Dale & The Producers

I love screwin' housewives while their man away (and  they love it), fightin' dudes, spittin' chew spit on classy girls,  drinkin' Busch Light and bein' a manly man.

Self-financed film production produced by Matt & Jamie Warzel of Cleveland Clowns Films, LLC. Dale  Archdale is a character Matt created and decided to parlay the comedic  webseries into a 90+ minute feature length comedy film.

Estimated run time: 94 minutes

Genre: Comedy (Redneck, Slapstick)
Rated R


Trailer & Teasers Coming Halloween 2019!

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11/08/2019 - 11/13/2019

American Film Market

All day

Santa Monica, CA

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11/08/2019 - 11/13/2019

American Film Market

We invite you to join us at the 2019 American Film Market convention in Santa Monica! We are seeking distribution and would love to pitch our film!

All day

Santa Monica, CA

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